Heeley Peoples Park

As of May 2016 we were approached by the Heeley Development Trust and given the task of putting together a site that would work as not only showcase for the Heeley Peoples Park but, also a tool to generate and take much needed donations to help fund the park itself. We worked together with a number of local creative agencies and artists including ATK Creative, Bugg Agency, Go Native, James Micallef & Vision Mix in order to deliver a number marketing materials and most importantly a much needed online presence.

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Heeley Peoples Park

We were able to work with the existing brand, which was originally put together by Peter & Paul (Another local design and communications agency) earlier on in 2015. This gave us the platform on which to build site and other various bits and bobs. 


The main aim was to move forward and generate some much needed interest in the Heeley Peoples Park. The message was simple - love it or lose it. To run day to day, the park relies on funding via many different sources. The advantage to having a live donations site means that users of the park can donate and not only keep the park going but, help develop and improve the park even further. After all the more you give, the more you get!  


Be sure to hit the link before, take a look around and maybe even spare some change for the cause whilst you are at it!